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We Shoot, Edit, and Market Professional Promotional Videos for Your Business.

179096166Over half of American consumers say that online videos impact their buying decisions. Our online video production services give your website the edge it needs to engage, influence, and affect your audience’s decision to buy. Video exposure increases brand recognition, decreases consumer purchase anxiety and establishes your business as a marketplace authority.

igmktg/Blitz Mogul produces online videos for product marketing, promotions and training. All of our SEO packages include  videos to help boost your SEO rankings and put your website on the first page of organic results.  Our premium video services include:

  • Product Videos
  • Company Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Knowledge-base Videos
  • Other Visual Multimedia

Get the edge you need to step up to the next level with our high quality, informative, and fully integrated video marketing services.

Any of igmktg/Blitz Mogul’s services can be stacked with these video production packages to increase your online marketing campaign’s overall success.

Marketing Power of YouTube

Every minute over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.  With over 6 billion hours of video watched every month by over 1 billion unique viewers per month (one out of every seven people),  YouTube has claimed it’s crown as king of the hill when it comes to online video sharing.  With numbers like these, it’s no wonder that posting video on YouTube is an essential part of any online marketing strategy.

igmktg/Blitz Mogul provides cutting edge YouTube video marketing and optimization for your business. We’ll ensure that your videos are found for keyword searches via the major search engines, and are returned in relevant search results.

SEO  Videos

Every Local SEO package comes with 1 video at the outset of your campaign, and one every 3 or 6 months into your campaign.  These videos will be uploaded to YouTube and other video sites.  They are custom tailored to your business, and promote your products or services. They can also be embedded on your website.

Custom Web Based Videos

website video

Research shows that the marketplace responds to visual stimulus, and video marketing has emerged as one of the leading mediums for website conversion success.  An informative and captivating video can offer explanations and incentives for products and services and engage visitors to your website in ways that text simply cannot.  Videos are easy for visitors to operate, are highly entertaining, and universally digestible.

An engaging and informative video is great, but also useless if nobody sees it.  igmktg/Blitz Mogul makes sure that your video is set up properly, with titles, tags, and a link to your website in order to maximize your exposure and increase your ranking on both the search engines and YouTube.  We also ensure that your video is designed to impact your customers and prospects the way you intend, and creates the results you desire.

igmktg/Blitz Mogul’s video development and marketing team can outline, shoot, edit and post content laden videos that align with your company’s online marketing strategy. The videos can visually outline your value proposition, increase its appeal and exclusivity, and give your company’s website the edge it needs to convert traffic into sales.  We outperform the competition with our:

  • Onsite Video Production
  • Animated Video
  • Narrative Videos
  • Advanced Effects

We have options available for still-photo slideshows as well.

Other Types of Video Services

  • Corporate Videos – These videos would revolve around your company, and tell your company’s story.  It adds a personal touch to the company name.  These videos are intended to get consumers acquainted with your company, build trust, highlight your company culture, and underscore the reasons you’re the best choice for their business.
  • Trade Show Videos – These videos are usually a little longer.  They draw attention to your products and services, highlight your value proposition, display proof elements (testimonials, awards, charts and graphs, client lists, etc), and give your company legitimacy at trade show events.
  • Training Videos – Every new employee needs to understand company culture, job expectations, and industry rules and regulations.  Training videos can save your management level employees valuable time by giving your new hires a solid understanding of what they can expect at your company, and what’s expected of them.

Any of these videos can be web based, DVD, or both.


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