Unique Process

Not All SMO Companies Are Created The Same…

Blitz Mogul has developed a proprietary system that leverages social media, and allows us to drive customer leads right to your phone or email.  Let us show you how easy it is to increase sales and develop customer relationships with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We use the information we accumulate through the interactions we have with you, like our in-depth business analysis, or our quarterly strategy meetings, in order to develop an approach and overall theme to our postings to allow for continuity.  You designate a target product or service whose market penetration you wish to increase, and we then develop a campaign to promote that product or service, and leverage social media to place these products or services right in front of your target audiences nose, in a medium they find acceptable and enjoyable.

The direct response marketing results we provide to your company are sold by other companies at  5, 10, and sometimes even 20 times the prices we charge.  How much would you pay for a 30% increase in business?  Our efficient systems and data gathering techniques allow us to offer big company results at small company prices.  Get a free consultation and see the difference Blitz Mogul can make for your company’s future today.

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