Visuals Will Boost Your Social Media Presence

4 Ways To Establish a Strong Online Presence Through Social Media


business-growthThere is no doubt that social media can have a dramatic impact on the influence of social media marketing by increasing traffic to your website and sales of your products and services. Many marketers struggle to find the best way to appeal to their customers and prospects to grow the company’s online presence.

The answer is simple – visual media. Using visual eye candy in your marketing mix will score immediate positive feedback from your audience.

  • More than 65% of your audience are visual learners and thus attracted to visual experiences.
  • Instagram, one of the most popular photo sharing platforms, has more than 120 million active users per month and was recently purchased by Facebook. This is a signal from Facebook that validates the importance of pictures in social media marketing.
  • On average, photos are likely to receive twice the visual-social-media-2amount of attention when compared to text statuses on Facebook.
  • The probability of videos being shared is even higher. Videos are 12 times more likely to be shared by Facebook users than quotes and other forms of text.

Make Your Video Engaging and Interactive

FilmVideos are a great way to share something special with your community. As viewers become weary of the standard and predictable commercial spots and reports, interactive videos are created as a unique viewer experience.

They give the user the opportunity to click and get more information, win a coupon or play a game. The viewer is more excited about the content and naturally stays longer with the brand. Instead of a long, detailed text-based post, it is preferable to have a short video with the all essential information contained in it.

The odds of people reading a long post without any visuals are very unlikely when you compare it with posts that have catchy video or interactive images.

Photo Blogs

what-dslr-600When you write for your Facebook fan pages, combine your factual information with short, quirky comments or observations, and feature an eye-catching photo. Pictures grab the attention of the readers and a fun or unusual image is worth a thousand words. If you share photos on sites like Facebook, your fans will love it and will visit your company’s website or blog more frequently. They are much more likely to recommend or send links to your page to their friends, which improves your visibility by leaps and bounds and are the first step to ‘going viral’.

Here are a couple of statistics to support the increasing popularity of pictures.
• Nearly 300 million photos are uploaded every day to different social networking sites.
• On Facebook alone, more than 219 billion photos have been uploaded already.

The Bottom Line

An emphasis on visuals in social media marketing definitely pays off if you make the focus of your posting less about your company and more about the audience reading your blog and watching your videos. Delivering what they want, with a catchy infographic or a short video, will have a powerful impact on the relationship with your fans, and your social media marketing results.