Social Media Strategy

How It Works

Blitz Mogul has developed a social media strategy that truly excels in market share development.  Working hand in hand with your business, we develop a short term and long term strategy for developing new customers, and expanding your brand’s awareness.  Our team of specialists then implement that strategy on multiple social media platforms, and develop conversion tunnels to transform social media followers into paying customers.

Will social media work for you?  The simple answer is yes.  If your company can handle more customers, more sales, more business, then this program is right for you.  We can scale the inflow of customers to your company’s specific needs, so that you don’t grow too fast or become stretched too thin.  We’ll scale your new customers up to current capacity, with the capability to throttle down the influx, giving you time to grow your operation, and build the infrastructure needed to expand steadily.

Paid Advertising

Social media platforms have paid advertising programs, and we use those for one reason:  it works.  A portion of both your set up fee and your monthly service fee bypasses us and goes directly into strategically placed paid advertising tools on social media platforms.  These paid posts are professionally designed and placed by our social media experts, and are carefully overseen to ensure they produce maximum results.  When used properly, these powerful advertising tools are capable of catapulting your social media campaign to the next level

A Constant And Active Online Presence

Our experienced social media content experts create engaging and compelling posts to entice your customer base in fun and informational ways.  With daily postings, our team will reach out in new and fun ways to initiate independent conversations about your company, and your brand.  We’ll get people talking about you!

With social media, it’s easy for clever and thought provoking posts to go viral, exposing hundreds and thousands of potential customers to your products or services, and your value proposition.  Every time someone hear about you through their social media “friend”, it’s an implied endorsement for your business.  Social media is where word of mouth becomes an all powerful driving force.  Make sure your company is saying the right things.  Our team will ensure that your company’s “buzz” will bring you business.