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When it comes to our current marketplace, there’s one universal truth:

If you don’t have an online marketing strategy, you’re losing out on potential sales.

Generating positive cash flow with an online marketing strategy is vital to growing your business in today’s marketplace. With a proper SEO plan you can generate huge amounts of business to your site and physical location. The percentage of lead generation and sales that take place online grows each year, and the competition will reach your customers first if they have an online marketing strategy and you do not. You need an expert to guide your business through the pitfalls of internet marketing, drive your website to the first page by using advanced search engine optimization and increase online sales.

Creating a Powerful Online Footprint Can Be a Daunting Task.  Let Us Help You.

At Blitz Mogul, our mission is to assist you in capitalizing your online presence to generate traffic, promote your brand, develop quality leads, and grow your business.

Does your site promote your brand effectively?  Is it easily navigated, or is there too much friction to efficiently convert traffic into sales?  Does it have a clear value proposition?  A call to action?  Can products or services be purchased with relative ease?

We’re happy to do a free preliminary site audit and gauge if there’s a difference between the marketing tool you intend your web site to be, and the tool it actually is.  We can help you develop your website, your presence, and your online strategy to fit your business’s current and future needs, and track the benchmarks needed to get there.

The Right Company for Your Internet Based Marketing Campaign

The world has changed in the last 10 years, and the speed at which it changes increases from day to day.  You need a company that evolves a step ahead of the market to ensure that your business stays on top of your competition.

Not only is internet marketing a vital component of today’s successful business model, but the standards and practices needed to keep pace with the advances in internet marketing are among the most rapidly changing in any industry.  Computer processing power doubles every 18 months, which means computers become exponentially more powerful; internet marketing software has become more advanced and more complicated.  If you’re not keeping up with what’s new and what’s working today, chances are you’re falling behind.  Blitz Mogul takes pride in our up-to-the-minute understanding of what’s going to work best for your online marketing campaign.

What can Blitz Mogul Do For You?

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Blitz Mogul “Layers” our internet marketing approach so that you can add or remove any aspect of your campaign at any time.  Each aspect works independently of the others, but all work synergistically with one another to maximize your ROI.

How Is Internet Marketing Different From Traditional Marketing?

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Traditional marketing has had the same basic principles for years.  Large marketing firms know what works.  It’s effective, but costly.  Internet marketing, on the other hand, changes from day to day, with new ideas, new technologies and new techniques.  The amount of people you can touch with your online marketing endeavors is much larger than traditional marketing at the fraction of the cost.  The big companies know this, and utilize it, which is why the two largest TV, Print, and Radio advertising agencies had 22 billion in revenue last year, while Google had over 42.5 billion from their advertising revenue alone.

The internet has written a whole new chapter in the world of marketing.  The amount of information available on the internet is incomprehensible, with thousands of new internet sites being developed daily.  Millions of users are surfing the internet looking for the information they need, the product they want, or keeping contact with friends.  Blitz Mogul understands how to best utilize each factor, whether it’s using SEO, video marketing, social media, or online advertising to increase your online ROI, helping you scale your business to capacity.


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