Consumer Targeting Program

What is Consumer Targeting?

Imagine if we could flip a switch, and immediately a stream of visitors containing your perfect customers were driven to your site, pulled out of the overabundance of traffic on the internet and directed straight to you.  Imagine if we could give you game changing advice on building online relationships,  and optimizing your site’s layout to convert traffic into leads.  How helpful would it be to know what features reinforce online purchases, and what website characteristics inhibit converting traffic into revenue?

Welcome to our Consumer Targeting Program.

internet marketing researchMany people are familiar with direct marketing, where advertising and promotional materials are sent directly to your target consumers. Previously you could only do this with telemarketing, snail mail campaigns and other forms of physical advertising. With our Consumer Targeting Program, that’s all changed. This search engine marketing program is online advertising that uses extensive, specific data to define the consumers you want to reach, and that is exactly the audience that sees your internet ad on multiple websites as they surf the web.

The market changes at the speed of technology.  Blitz Mogul uses proprietary, cutting edge internet marketing and advertising software to keep you ahead of the competition.  Our system is capable of scaling up any company’s sales to maximum capacity.  Used in conjunction with our SEO technology, any website can become an internet powerhouse.

How Is It Different?

Imagine being a baby photographer, and you only want your internet ads to be seen by women in their third trimester.  Or maybe you’re a personal injury lawyer who is only interested in people who have recently been in debilitating accidents.  Perhaps you’re an insurance agent who only wants your ad to be seen by someone actively looking for health or life insurance.  In the past, these business owners had no option but to advertise to everyone on the internet, selecting sites and crossing their fingers, hoping they would catch a few of their target market in their scattershot approach.  This put internet marketing firmly out of the playbook of most businesses that were marketing with less than $250,000 a month.

We’re happy to say, times have changed.

Blitz Mogul’s proprietary Consumer Targeting Program can help you target and retarget your perfect customer.  To be extreme, let’s say your target market is bilingual left handed men between the ages of 15 and 35 who read Japanese comics and love vanilla ice cream.  Okay.  No problem.   We can make sure that they, and only they, see your advertisement.  Our software will make sure they see it at whatever time of day you want, on which ever genre of site you want (big names like Facebook, Yahoo, and CNN, or small niche websites we’ve never even heard of).  They’ll see it as frequently as you want, for as long as you want.

If you want to target women between the ages of 25 and 35 who have masters degrees and drive BMWs solely during the time they read about politics, we can do that for you.  This cuts down on advertising costs, and you’re not wasting your money advertising to markets that aren’t interested in your product.  We have thousands of different genres in place to choose from, but if you’d like to define your own genre, we have that capability too.  You can stack that contextual category with the person’s location, browsing time, personal attributes or interests, and a wealth of other information to target the right customer.

Localized Branding

building your brand

What is branding? Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.  It is the name that sticks in your mind when you’re looking for breakfast cereal and you think Cheerios.  It takes millions of dollars in continuous advertising for these large companies to make sure when 300 million Americans go shopping, they remember whole grain goodness.

You can now brand your business, no matter how big or small, in your particular city or region.  If someone does a Google search for baseball gloves in your town, and you’re the local mom and pop baseball equipment shop on main street, it’s possible set up a campaign that will put your ad in front of consumers for however long you want, as frequently as you want, on whatever websites you want.  Three weeks down the road this consumer will be so familiar with your local store, that you will have effectively differentiated yourself, and when he thinks about baseball, he’ll think about your business, not your competitors business.

We have access to over 30 billion impressions a day, over 750 million prospective customers worldwide, and 80% of the websites that run RTB advertisements.  We will find your perfect customers.

Targeting and Retargeting

target marketing

Targeting refers to reaching out and touching someone for the first time.  Our targeting system can find a consumer who has a certain trait, interest, hobby, personality, social circle, health status, or other definitive characteristic that you’re looking for.

Retargeting allows us to retarget people who have been to your site, are familiar with it, and helps us redirect them back to your site and convert them to a lead or a sale.

Once someone is familiar with your brand, there is a range of advertising that will bring them back and convert them into a sale or a lead.  Our software can redirect them to any page of your website.  We can create relationships and develop trust.   We can advertise discounts to them, make special offers, up sell them, or simply remind them that you’re there, waiting until they’re ready to buy.

Remember, out of sight, out of mind.  And with our proprietary real time pinpoint advertising system, you’re never out of your target market’s sight for long.  That’s the power of retargeting.

A Learning, Thinking System

With our advanced algorithms, the “brain” in our system can actually learn who your perfect customer is.  It records roughly 500,000 clicks every second across the internet.  It learns who has visited your site and successfully converted.  After 50 to 60 sucessful conversions, the brain learns the profile of your perfect customer.  The “brain” will then begin to advertise to what we call “DNA look-a-likes” of the profile compilation of your customers.  Our system takes the guess work out of who you should advertise to.

Conversion Counseling

convert website traffic

Our team of experienced internet marketing specialists will make sure that your site is not only optimized for search engine ranking, but also laid out to properly capture and convert incoming traffic to leads and sales.

We ensure your site has a sales proposition, or a call to action.  We’ll check that your value proposition is clearly stated, council you on minimizing internet purchase anxiety, and show you how to reduce the 6 major website frictions that prevent online customers from converting.  The incoming flood of people will be looking for your product or service, and we’ll make sure your website is set up to convert them to customers.  We go over your marketing plan, objectives, challenges, primary targets, current M-efforts, and how you are measuring your success and how frequently.

At Blitz Mogul, your success is our success.

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