We have some exciting news here at Blitz Mogul. We have recently joined forces with igmktg, (www.igmktg.com) a nationwide integrated marketing firm. With our new collaboration, you now have access to a highly experienced team of experts in every key marketing area, including digital strategy, search engine optimization, online advertising, video production, web design, and social media.

igmktg/Blitz Mogul is an internet marketing and search engine optimization company with a simple strategy: determine what online marketing services best fit the customer’s goals, deliver those services with integrity and transparency and maximize their web based results. Our track record of excellent customer service, uncompromising ethics, and definitive results provided the impetus to expand our services and join the igmktg team.

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Part of our job is to stay current with emerging web based technologies and internet marketing trends. Our techniques change to incorporate new methods and changing trends, such as the latest changes to Google’s search algorithms, which further emphasize website content as king and is a key factor for prominence on page one of Google’s search results. Our online marketing services build your brand and maximize your website’s online potential.

Dennis Backer, VP Business Development
Director of Video Services

Dennis Backer, VP Business DevelopmentDennis Backer’s experience includes 30+ years as the owner of a large video production company. He started his SEO Company in 2008, after being frustrated by the SEO results he received from other SEO firms. Blitz Mogul was formed as a division of Media by Design, Inc, Dennis’ video production company, as a provider of SEO, social media, and website development services. Backer joined the igmktg team in order to provide a large talented team of experts to his current and future clients.

The current stage in our business development, igmktg, came about as a result of the advances in internet marketing technology and new applications and services available to our customers. We joined with igmktg to expand our team of experts with the purpose of providing the means for businesses to create and sustain a dominant online presence and increase market share. igmktg/Blitz Mogul is located in Laguna Hills, CA, with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Canada.  We serve clients throughout Orange County, LA County, San Diego County, Irvine, Ahaheim, Laguna Beach, and regionally, nationally, and globally.